Online Sports Betting Trends in 2021


Sports betting has now become a lot more accessible when compared to what it was decades ago. Bettors can now freely bet on their favorite games and sports at the comfort of their home, all thanks to the internet. However, the internet isn’t the only one responsible for this to blow up, but preferably online websites and service providers that pushed online sports betting to its greater heights. 2021 is a new and exciting year, and with the COVID-19 pandemic still looming above us all, what are the trends that will dominate the online sports betting scene? If you’re interested, stay with us, and we’ll explore some predictions and statements for 2021.

E-sports Explosion

Several years ago, e-sports was still considered a minimal scene, attracting thousands and not even millions of people to watch actual games. Compare that to now, where e-sports is starting to become a giant, impressive tons of live stream watch hours, and hefty amounts of the prize pool. Online sports betting will surely blow up even more in 2021, and a lot of people will benefit from different industries. Seeing sports as a category or genre in online sports betting portals won’t be a shock anymore as it will become one of the newest faces of online sports betting.

Athlete or Player Tracking

Although not that much fully utilized in 2020, athlete or player tracking is sure to make a return in 2021, and even a lot better. This feature’s premise is simple, and that is to allow bettors to analyze and make predictions over their bets by using athlete data gathered by some service providers. Most of the time, these data can be found on third party websites, but in 2021, we can expect different online sports betting sites to take advantage of it and add it as their feature.

Betting on the Last Minute

Every bettor has its tactics and strategies for better winnings. Although nothing has been proven to be precisely useful, there’s one trend that everyone should watch out for in 2021, and that is the last minute betting strategy. Thanks to recent improvements in internet connectivity and overall technology, bettors can now safely bet even at the last minute without worrying too much about their bets not going through. In 2021, expect more bettors to try this strategy at least.

There are still more things that you should expect for online sports betting as; clearly, it is an industry that is bound to attract more people with its many benefits and ease of access.

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