Dog Agility Training: When Should You Enrol Your Fur Baby


Perhaps you have a brand-new dog and you must be thinking of it becoming a smart, obedient, and agile fur baby of yours. If you just can’t wait to see you and your dog doing some team sports together, a school for dog agility training in Sydney is something you might need. This is the more possible option that you need to come up with especially when you want the training of your dog to be done in a professional manner. And no matter what breed of dog you have, one thing is for sure: your fur baby will surely love the physical exercise and interaction with you.

When can your puppy start training for agility?

This is the most common question among many dog owners. The age at which dogs should start learning or training for agility often comes down to the kind of agility skill you want your dog to learn and practice. Keep in mind that your puppy should not only focus on learning obstacle navigation skills like weave poles, A-frame, or jumps. Your puppy should also undergo K9 obedience sessions so that it can learn the right ways how it can follow the cues and instructions of its master, especially when they are both moving around the course.

Acquiring a full agility learning

Take into consideration that as long as a dog is still a puppy, it is highly advised for the owner to not let his fur baby take a full course of agility lessons. According to professional dog agility training in Sydney, dogs that are one year of age and below can normally complete agility sessions that are often composed of tunnels and low jumps. However, at this tender age of your dog, make it a point to not let it expose itself to certain kinds of contact equipment. A professional dog agility training in Sydney would also advise that learning to perform or execute weave poles at this age is still a No for your fur baby. And of course, do not allow your puppy to jump too high as well.

The bottom line

You can allow your 8-month-old puppy to undergo training for agility tunnel and flatwork. A full course must be completed between the 12th and 18th month of your dog’s life. And since agility training is a high-impact activity for your puppy, hiring the best dog trainer in Sydney is highly advised!

When you wish your pet to participate in competitions in the future, enroll it to agility training. Go for

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